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Home Remedies For Vaginal Infection - Natural Remedy From Your Kitchen Health Articles | August 3 Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , 2011
Vaginal infection is characterized by a bad odor, unusual discharge and local discomfort. It is a very common problem and in many cases they disappear after few days of treatment.

Vaginal infection is characterized by a foul odor, unusual discharge and local discomfort. It is a very common problem and in many cases they disappear after few days of treatment. If the infection is mild then it can be treated with the help of home remedies but if the problem persists for longer period then it is necessary to go to the doctor for anti-biotic medication. It is a yeast infection which is caused by fungus. Some of its symptoms are:

1. Vaginal discharge
2. Pain during sexual interaction
3. Burning sensation during urination
4. Itching and burning in the vagina
5. Swelling, itching and burning around the skin adjacent the vagina.

The main causes of vaginal infection are antibiotics Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , stress, menstrual periods, diabetes, reduced levels of body resistance Cheap Jerseys From China , birth control medicine etc.

Some of the important home remedies for vaginal infection are

1. Application of yoghurt is an effective home remedy. For this you have to take a tampon and immerse it in yoghurt and insert it in vagina at least two times a day. You should continue this remedy regularly till your symptoms leave away.

2. Tea tree oil is also very helpful for treating the problem of this infection. For this remedy you should take few drops of tea tree oil discharge on a tampon and immersed it in vagina to get some relief.

3. Garlic is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of infection in vagina. You should eat lots of garlic in order to control the infection.

4. Increase the intake of water more and more. Drinking lots of water is an easiest home remedy for vaginal infection. You can also drink fruit juices and diluted butter milk. These things are effective in reducing the symptoms of this infection.

5. Eating a balanced and healthy diet will help you to recover soon and faster from vaginal infection. You should include lots of fresh vegetables and salads in your diet.

6. Avoid staying in wet clothes for longer period. It will harm you and increases the symptoms of vaginal infection.

7. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes especially your undergarments should not be tight fitted. You should wear loose fitting cotton underwear and panties. You should avoid wearing leggings, jeans and the garments of these types every day.

8. You should stay away from tampons and deodorant hygienic pads. You should also avoid sprays and other outside agents.

Hope above home remedies will help you in getting relief from vaginal infection naturally.

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