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Some Huge Risks Imposed By Small USB Flash Drive Computers Articles | August 10 Nick Castellanos Youth Jersey , 2015

USB flash drive is a great invention, it has served computer users a lot as they can roam around with their data in their pocket or even in their wallet. But, it is not the safest portable drive to use.

The small USB flash drive is an amazing invention. It is as small as a nail of a human thumb. Yet, it has immense capability of storing data. It can carry information in terabytes. This makes it a special invention for users that they love. Ordinary users love to carry around their data stuffed USB flash drives. USB flash drives usually do not have any or have very negligible built-in security measures. As you know that these small data storing devices are so tiny in size that they are very much prone to getting lost or stolen. It also imposes other dangers, which can harm you big time. Some of them are given below.

Your data can be stolen if you lose your USB drive

As said above Josh Harrison Youth Jersey , if you lose your USB flash drive, you can some serious consequences. Many users tend to keep some delicate information on their portable drives and do not opt any sort of security measures to ensure its security. This can result in a horrifying data breach incident. Your personal information can be used to make to make you a fraud victim and you be ripped off of your financial assets as well as of your peace of mind. As a result, you should use some sort of software that can Protect USB Drive. This will help you keep your privacy intact.

Do not plug unknown USB flash drive in your computer

There is a high percentage of users that tend to plug in all the device into their computer. According to a survey, more than 70 percent of the users do not think twice about the data security threats before plugging in an alien USB flash drive into their computer. The Even more horrifying fact is that data security experts also do not hesitate to connect an unknown USB pen drive to their computers. Knowing the fact, hackers intentionally drop some infected USB flash drives randomly in public places and people pick them up and plug them into their computers. As an outcome Kirk Gibson Youth Jersey , they infect their PCs and give a wide and safe passage to hackers to their computers. Moreover, cyber criminals target particular organizations as well using the same technique. All they do is, drop some USB drives in the parking areas of the company, employees find them and plug them into the company’s network. That is how easy it has become for hackers.

This small portable drive can be a nightmare for you

You must be aware about what Edward Snowden did to the National Security Agency (NSA). He, who was working there on contract basis Al Kaline Youth Jersey , plugged in his USB flash drive and fetch out all the desired information. Even today, the NSA (Nationa Security Agency) does not know what documents exactly Edward Snowden stolen. Every now and then, he reveals some secrets and then sit back again. Remember, he did not have any sophisticated tool to steal the information. All he had, was a small USB flash drive that he plugged in Alan Trammell Youth Jersey , steal data and easily walked away with it. This is how lethal a USB drive can be.

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