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I bought these men's shorts for me, a woman, that doesn't like to be "bound up" when I am at the gym. I normally wear a ladies medium, but I have hips--so thought a men's large might be better. They are large, and longer than I'd hoped. But that's what hot water and the dryer are for. I hope! Otherwise, I'll just hem them up an inch or so. They are nicely made and do have the drawstring inside the waistband.
Amanda Mooney
Fits nice. Shirt material is a little hard but otherwise a cute shirt.
Sanne van Burken
Wore them once so far, just like my other ones I've had for years. Went on a run with them, and they felt nice. They have pockets too, and a great price, cheap!
Chafika Benkhaldi
Nice quality shirt. Blue color is vibrant. Fits according to size.
Meriem Bidouane

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