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My name is Luksi Humma Cheap Paul Millsap Jersey , I am Choctaw or, Chahta, our name in reality. I am a builder of people and log cabins. Although, I live in our present time, I talk to many people who come to Historic Prophetstown, in Battle Ground, Indiana, about the way the Old Ones lived Cheap Jamal Murray Jersey , and died.

Misconceptions, are a part of most Americans ideal in regards to Native American People. It is my job to inform the uninformed, about the Love, Respect, Honor, and Dignity the American Indians had for their Families, Lives and the Land.

How did the People live along the Wabash? They lived well, commerce continued to flow throughout the region as our People moved forward into an age that would eventually swallow them up Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , swirling them into the Great Melting Pot of these United States. This motion inexorably changed the Ways of our People, both, in their thought processess, and in their Hearts.

The Europeans who lived with the Indian People would change significantly, daily movements, personal contacts, language, lifestyles and much more. Pressures of being humans Carmelo Anthony Jersey , finding a much easier way to cook, kill, stay warm, communicate, travel and live, ate away at the Traditions of ten thousand generations.

Robust in their spirits, Native People adapted rapidly, and found value in their trapping of Beaver Allen Iverson Jersey , and other furbearing animals. Trading these hides, for durable goods, gave the Indian People an opportunity to live more comfortably, amidst the French, English, and some Americans, who became their trading partners in this region, for many years.

Log Cabins were abundant in the Village of Kethtipikanuck Alex English Jersey , about 120 log structures as some writers saw it. Shake roof shingles adorned the cabins, of those lucky folks who knew how to, and, had the man power to build these brutish structures. Forged from the wilderness, these people were powerful and relentless in their will to make life come forth, from a forboding entity, that the wilderness posed. This was, after all Nikola Jokic Jersey , the Northwest Territories. The end of the continent for most people who struck out on their own.

This wonderous village had many Wigwams, smoke filling the air on the flats at the mouth of that river. Trade items coming in, and leaving, in boats of every description, dugouts, birchbark, heavy river tugs. One should try to imagine this commerce, it is pleasing to see it in the mind.

Eleven years of good life came to an end Gary Harris Jersey , as the wood of their cabins and wigwams lost their battle with the crucible of fire, which the American Army brought with them, to eradicate their way of life forever.

This is but the beginning of their story, I will write more of this facinating historical drama, played out on the banks of the Wabash. Prophetstown, looming in the future awaits the telling of its story in another time, but now I am tired and must rest.

Luksi Humma messenger of the People.

I am a humble teacher of Indian People, travelling to bring the Ways of our Ancestors to those who can least afford it Paul Millsap Jersey , and desire it the most. My hands and mind belong to the People who came before us, and it is they whom I serve. Take this course which you were always interested in
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Probably you have always been interested in Christian counseling degree and Seminary online. However, your family and work obligations does not permit you to go in for a full time course. Enroll for a course with Colorado Theological Seminary and get your dream come true in an affordable manner and in less time you thought. What a wonderful movie was ound of Music鈥? Set in picturesque Austria, this movie has been a part of millions of childhoods all over the world. The innocence, the treatment, the Music; it never fails to marvel us even today.

Recollect the first few scenes of the movie. The green pasture, the sound of church bell, the serene mountains Jamal Murray Jersey , the motherly nuns. The discipline, the warmth of heart. You are awe struck by the sense of discipline and at the same time the sense of humor and the caring nature of the nuns. You have loved the film and the life at the church.

However, as you grew up, several other things have occupied your attention and time. You were busy establishing yourself in life and career. Now you have the wherewithal, but where is the time to go for a full time course to study religion? But that should not prevent you from coming close to the most precious knowledge on earth.

Whether you want to devote the rest of your life to the pastor as a missionary, or you just want a deeper understanding of the scripture, if there is the will there surely is a way out.

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