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How to Use Rootone for More Plants from Cuttings?
by rainagreycool90 · January 28 Jim Brown Limited Jersey , 2019

Rootone has been gaining popularity recently and for good reason. This rooting powder comes with a fungicide that helps protect cuttings鈥?roots from rot and other harsh elements that inhibit root growth and development. The root powder also contains naphthaleneacetic acid, an organic compound in the auxin family that helps prevent transplant shock while accelerating root growth. Yet, Rootone contains other nutrients and elements Bernie Kosar Limited Jersey , which help protect cuttings from soil-borne diseases and improve hydroponic and aeroponic speed and success.

Use a Sharp Knife to Take Cuttings

Using a razor Women's Austin Seibert Jersey , sharp knife or gardening pruners, remove the cuttings from the mother plant. If you are growing large, woody plants Women's Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , make sure make a 30-degree angle cut on the bottom of your cutting.

That will help avoid mashing the cuttings and also enable you to remember which side will be dipped in rootone.

That will also make it easy for you to push the cuttings into the soil. If you are dealing with softwood cuttings, greenwood cuttings or semi-ripe cuttings, you don’t have to make an angled cut. Make sure you’ve removed all the lower leaves and flowers before you start applying Rootone.

How to Properly Apply Rootone Root Powder

After making sure your cuttings are hardened enough Women's Sione Takitaki Jersey , it time to apply Rootone. Follow the following steps.

Step 1: Moisten the Bottom Few Inches of the Cuttings

Before the treatment begins, make sure the cut ends of the stems are slightly moistened. Why? This makes it easy for the rooting powder to adhere to the cuttings.

Step 2: Pour the Rootone into another Container

When applying Rootone its best to take a bit of the powder out of the container and place in another container, saucer Women's Greedy Williams Jersey , or flat dish. But rootonecomes a wide-mouthed container that makes it easy for one to dip their cuttings in it without worrying about pouring the powder into another container; why then should you pour it into another container?

That helps protect the remaining rooting hormone from contamination. It also helps you avoid wastage.
How to Really Plant Cuttings

Early morning or late in the evening isusually the best time to plant cuttings because they usually have the most moisture at this time. If you l do it in the afternoon, however Women's David Njoku Jersey , make sure your cuttings not exposed to sunlight. Too much heat may weaken the rooting hormone or make it fall off the cutting.

Also, when planting the cuttings, make sure the holes are big enough to avoid rubbing off the rooting powder as you push in the cuttings.

From the discussion above Women's Myles Garrett Jersey , you certainly can tell that Rootone is easy to use. Experienced propagators apply it from all over the world. And if you can apply these tips as well, you may very well get the results you wanted from the start.

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