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Fortnite's Meteor kicked Off the Previous Season
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Epic says you are going to have"an extended period of time" to playwith, so fortnite traps seems like the storm might still be something. We'll know in the morning, however.Loot: Should you would like to play with a gun in Playground, Epic seems to want you to be in a position to. Not only will all the loot that is generally on the island still be spawning, but there'll be a lot of llamas for more resources and very good weapons.

Respawns: Based on Epic, you'll continue to have the ability to receive hurt in Playground, and there is more: friendly fire will be turned on, meaning you may take your teammates. This signifies is that we finally have an opportunity for both practices and for a kind of restricted custom made match, where you and your friends can fight against each other for pleasure and profit. Fortnite's shooting is especially finicky, and this is our first chance for low-stakes practice out the beginning island.

The possibilities are endless, especially for a match with such a solid Youtuber/streamer presence as this particular one. Consider the scrimmage theory: we can use this for practice, or we can use this for some sort of"duel" manner, where Ninja and Myth arrive on different surfaces of the game and lock horns in on 1 vs. 1 battle to the death. Or we can just agree on different rules and do a cart race out of Moisty Mire to Junk Junction.

Or jousting! Two teams players ride rockets at each other from opposing peaks and try to shoot each other off. Expect a ton of things like this.No stat-tracking or challenges, though: You won't be able to use this to cheese throughout the Battle Pass, as you might have guessed.

It's a test: Epic was clear that Playground is not only a restricted time mode like some of those other ones we have seen recently. It is the first moments of viewing what a full-scale creative manner might look like in the future, one that may well have more customization options, the buy fortnite weapons for larger squads or who knows what else. The group is making no guarantees, obviously, but inventive manager Donald Mustard describes Playground as"the first toe dip" into what he hopes will be among the coolest aspects of Fortnite going forward.

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